• IF POSSIBLE, DO NOT EAT UNTIL THE ANESTHETIC HAS WORN OFF to avoid accidentally biting lips, cheek or tongue.
  • YOU CAN RESUME YOUR NORMAL DIET BUT SOFT FOODS AND EATING ON THE OTHER SIDE MAY FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS. Composite/White fillings are fully set once placed so there is no waiting period required before chewing against it. However, it is normal for the tooth/teeth to feel sensitive following the restoration so eat only what is comfortable to you and if needed, chew on the other side for the first 24 hours.
  • YOUR TOOTH/TEETH MAY FEEL SENSITIVE BUT THIS IS NORMAL and should subside over the next few days to weeks. This may include sensitivity to hot, cold and pressure. As long as the sensitivity continues to lesson there is no need for concern. If the pain is severe or you are unable to bite down on the tooth/teeth after 2-3 days, please call our office.
  • BE CAREFUL WHEN BRUSHING AND FLOSSING. It is important to continue your normal brushing and flossing routine, but it is normal for the tooth/teeth that have been worked on and surrounding gum tissue to be sore for the first 24-48 hours so gentle brushing and flossing of that area may be more comfortable. If you use an electric toothbrush, you can try turning off the brush and manually brushing that tooth gently if needed.
  • RINSE WITH WARM SALT WATER TO REDUCE GUM TISSUE SORENESS. It is normal for your gum tissue to be slightly swollen or sore following this procedure. Use 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 cup of water and gently rinse and repeat this action 3-4 times per day for the first 1-3 days as needed. If a prescription rinse is prescribed to you instead, please use as directed.
  • TAKE MEDICATION as instructed by the doctor.

Please call our office if:

  • If you experience severe pain or swelling that does not dissipate around the restoration site.
  • If after the first 2-3 days, your bite feels uneven or you are unable to bite down on the tooth without experiencing sharp pain.