A Lubbock, TX dentist provides wisdom teeth removal

In some instances, patients having trouble with their third molars, or “wisdom teeth,” may need to have these teeth extracted. Wisdom tooth extraction is a removal process during which a Lubbock, TX area dentist like Dr. Cole Sutak pulls the tooth from the jawbone. Certain situations can arise during which a dentist might suggest a wisdom tooth extraction. Read on to learn more!

What are wisdom teeth?

The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to cut through the gum line. These third molars often develop around the time a patient is an older teenager or a young adult. At this time, there may not be enough room for the tooth to come through, which results in impaction. That can be painful. Other times, patients might deal with an infected wisdom tooth. Getting a proper evaluation and speaking to an experienced dentist is the best way to determine the course of action for effective treatment. Removing the tooth is often done as a last resort when no other viable options are available.

How long does wisdom teeth removal take?

Many factors may impact the removal time of the teeth. The removal of a single tooth may take considerably less time than the removal of several teeth. Additionally, the type of removal will affect both the time needed to complete the process and the recovery time.

  • Simple extraction – simple wisdom tooth extraction can be done quickly and easily in the dentist’s chair without general anesthesia for the patient.
  • Surgical extraction – surgical extraction is performed when the tooth is not above the gum line and requires the dentist to cut into the soft tissues to reach the tooth. The recovery time for surgical extraction is longer than simple extractions.

What can you do about an infected wisdom tooth?

If an infection occurs, sometimes the dentist will attempt to control the infection and avoid removal by prescribing antibiotics for the patient. In some situations, the infection may be too severe and warrant removing the infected wisdom tooth.

Do you need wisdom teeth removal?

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