Enjoy tooth-colored fillings with a Lubbock, TX area dentist

Cavities are among the most common dental conditions that can occur in the smile and the easiest to prevent. Cavities, or “tooth decay,” are holes that will develop in the natural tooth enamel due to poor oral health habits. They are often a result of sugars and acids that wear at the tooth and cause irreversible decay. Without early detection and cavity treatment, some patients may experience severe problems and even permanent tooth loss. To avoid this, Dr. Cole Sutak strongly encourages patients to visit their dentist regularly and care for their teeth properly to reduce their risk of cavity development. Treatment is often white dental fillings or “tooth-colored” fillings.

What is a tooth-colored filling?

Just as described, these fillings are made to match the natural tooth structure. These tooth-colored composite resin materials fill the hole left behind from a cavity. Doing this eliminates the risk of bacteria entering into the natural tooth’s roots and causing an infection or severe toothaches for the patient. When these problems occur, Dr. Sutak may suggest root canal therapy —or permanent extraction.

What is done about a cavity between teeth?

Dental fillings can also address cavities that may develop between teeth. That often happens due to inadequate flossing—or patients who do not floss at all. Foods and sugars can become lodged between two teeth and contribute to the wear of natural tooth enamel.

Why choose white dental fillings?

 These fillings are:

  • Affordable
  • Fast
  • Natural-looking
  • Biocompatible

Are you in need of cavity treatment?

Dr. Cole Sutak and his team at Lone Star Smiles in Lubbock, TX believe in providing early and successful intervention when cavities form. With routine dental visits, many patients can avoid extensive damage that can occur due to tooth decay. Contact his practice today to book an appointment for a routine dental examination and cleaning to start learning more about tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other conditions that can impact a patient’s oral health and wellness. He accepts patients as young as six months old in his practice and services both children and adults under one roof.