Brushing and flossing the teeth are the most effective ways for patients to care for their smiles every day. However, this is not always enough. At Lone Star Smiles, our provider in the Lubbock, TX area encourages patients to attend routine dental visits every six months as advised by the American Dental Association. These appointments are crucial in achieving and maintaining good oral health and wellness and include an evaluation and dental cleaning with our dental team.

Why are dental cleanings important?

We encourage patients to care for their smiles every day by brushing and flossing after every meal. That eliminates food particles, sugars, and acids from the teeth and gums that can contribute to the development of harmful conditions such as periodontal disease or tooth decay. However, this isn’t always enough. Visiting the dentist for dental cleanings is vital as it allows the providers to eliminate plaque, tartar, and calculus that you cannot remove without the help of a professional. At the same time, these routine visits allow the dental team at Lone Star Smiles to monitor changes in a patient’s smile and look for the early signs of issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. When diagnosed and treated in the earliest stages, these conditions can be quickly addressed with the care of our dentist, Dr. Cole Sutak.

What happens during a dental cleaning?

Dental cleanings, also referred to as prophylaxis, often include the following steps performed by our dental hygienist:

  • Examination – the first step in dental cleaning is a physical analysis of the mouth before the smile is cleaned. That includes looking for oral problems before proceeding.
  • Removal of dental plaque – a unique tool called a scaler is used to remove plaque buildup to keep it from hardening into tartar and calculus.
  • Toothpaste cleaning – next, the dental hygienist uses gritty toothpaste to scrub and polish the teeth. That is often done with a high-powered professional toothbrush.
  • Flossing – even if you floss at home, it may be wise to let our dental hygienist also floss in areas that might be hard to reach.
  • Rinse – a liquid fluoride rinse and application are done to finish the process.

Get started working with the team at Lone Star Smiles!

Lubbock, TX area parents, and families who are seeking a dental facility that makes oral health and wellness a priority are strongly encouraged to book an initial evaluation with Dr. Cole Sutak and his team. Call the office at (806) 666-1099 today and make your first visit a pleasant one! We are excited to welcome you to our Lone Star Smiles family!

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