A Lubbock, TX area dentist offers treatment for tongue ties with frenectomies

Dr. Cole Sutak of Lone Star Smiles is pleased to provide a wide range of services to dental patients in and around the area of Lubbock, TX. That includes pediatric dentistry and a procedure known as a frenectomy. Frenectomies and tongue ties can be addressed with the assistance of our team right in our dental office for patients who have been referred by their pediatrician.

What is a frenectomy in babies?

Some babies have excess tissue that can make it difficult to move the tongue around for proper feeding. This extra tissue is called the frenum and can result in a “tongue-tie” in babies. Infants with this condition will often be fussy, find it challenging to drink from a bottle or breast, and maybe dealing with irregular sleep patterns because of it. Cutting the tissue that holds the tongue down to the bottom of the mouth’s floor can free the tongue to move as necessary to function correctly. Many parents find significant relief from feeding troubles after having the frenum cut. If this doesn’t occur when a child is younger, it can result in other problems such as speaking disabilities as they age and start to talk.

Does a frenectomy hurt?

The frenectomy is done quickly in the dental office and does cause mild but short discomfort. However, it heals quickly, and babies will find that feeding comes much easier for them!

How long does it take?

The procedure takes just minutes in the dental chair. There will be some mild bleeding, but the area will clot quickly, and parents find their children eat better and are more satisfied after meals. That can also help in babies whose sleep pattern has been disrupted because they could never be “full” after feedings due to tongue-tie complications.

Does my child need a frenectomy?

Dr. Cole Sutak and his team can evaluate a child to determine if they could benefit from a frenectomy. Many babies are referred to a pediatric dentist for the frenectomy procedure. If your child’s pediatrician recommends a frenectomy, visiting Lone Star Smiles is the first step towards a solution. Call our facility today to book an appointment with Dr. Cole Sutak.