Reveal your most brilliant, vibrant smile with safe, effective professional teeth whitening in Lubbock, TX.

The “magic” of professional teeth whitening at the office of Dr. Cole Sutak in Lubbock, TX is truly “in the design”. As dental professionals, the Lone Star Smiles team tailors the teeth whitening process to your unique needs and goals. Furthermore, our dentist oversees the whitening treatment. These characteristics add up to safe, predictable, comfortable, and efficient teeth whitening.

The power of professional whitening

Teeth whitening that is prescribed and designed by dental professionals involves the use of whitening gels that are formulated with FDA-approved ingredients. These ingredients are clinically proven to break up and lift stains from teeth surfaces, safely. Furthermore, gels that are made with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide must contain sufficient concentrations of these proven ingredients to noticeably whiten teeth. Off-the-shelf products, such as one-size-fits-all whitening kits or strips, either do not contain effective whitening agents, or these whiteners are present in small quantities. For this reason, OTC products often either do not make a visible difference in the color of the teeth, or the results are subtle and disappointing.

The drugstore or online products that claim to whiten teeth may do more than fail to live up to those promises. In fact, products such as “universally-sized” whitening kits can irritate and damage oral tissues. The whitening trays or oral appliances that are designed to deliver the whitening gel to your teeth, are not sized to your mouth. So, they tend to slip around or rub up at the insides of your mouth. Also, the imprecise fit can cause the whitening gel to leak. It does not provide the proper seal that is necessary for even, natural-looking, and attractive whitening, or for a healthy and safe process.

At Lone Star Smiles, you can now whiten your smile up to 8 shades in less than 45 minutes with our in-office Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed. Our whitening trays are made from molds or impressions of your mouth. When filled with the whitening gel as shown by our dental team, the proven whiteners are delivered evenly and precisely to the teeth. The powerful gel also remains sealed within the tray, which supports safe and comfortable teeth whitening. It is also important that you wear the trays each day as directed by your dentist. We can even adjust daily wear time to account for your unique needs; for instance, to assure utmost comfort should you have a history of tooth sensitivity.

We’ve found that our patients in Lubbock, TX and nearby communities are also motivated to take better care of their smiles! After all, they want to keep them looking as stunning as the day they achieved their vibrant “goal smile” was achieved. Contact us today to schedule your visit to our Lubbock ,TX office.

Custom bleaching starter kit

Patients will have impressions taken of their upper and lower teeth to make clear custom bleaching trays. The Opalescence Whitening Starter Kit comes with a bleaching tray case, whitening toothpaste and 8 tubes of bleach to be used at home. This is the most reliable way to whiten teeth. You can always purchase refill bleach tubes at your routine cleaning appointments.
Opalescence Whitening Starter Kit

On-the-go whitening

This is a great alternative to over the counter whitening products. These trays require no impressions, models or lab time. The Opalescence Go Kit comes with whitening gel pre-loaded into 10 top trays and 10 bottom trays for easy use at home. These are great for anyone who has never whitened their teeth before and for teenagers who just got their braces off.
Opalescence Go Kit

In-office 1 hour whitening

Two to three 20 minute applications of Opalescence Boost Gel. Number of applications depends on the patient's level of sensitivity. Patients will see immediate results as well as a gradual whitening over 24-48 hours. This is the preferred approach if you have an important event and do not have time to do the other options.
Opalescence Boost Gel

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