Emergency dentistry available at Lubbock, Texas area practice

In addition to providing affordable, quality dental care for patients in and around the Lubbock, Texas community, our team at Lone Star Smiles also provides emergency dental care. Emergency dentistry is a unique field of dental care that focuses on conditions that may require more immediate care and attention. Emergency dental services are provided to new and current patients of Lone Star Smiles, ensuring everyone has access to necessary dental care when they need it.

What are some common dental emergencies treated at Lone Star Smiles?

Below are just a few of the more common dental emergencies handled by Dr. Cole Sutak of Lubbock, TX:

  • Broken/chipped teeth
  • Tooth abscesses
  • Severe infection
  • Severe toothaches
  • Acute pulpitis
  • Gum abscess
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Lost or loose restoration
  • Denture adjustments
  • Filling or restoration replacement

Do I need to be a patient to receive emergency dentistry at Lone Star Smiles?

Absolutely not—we provide emergency dental services to all patients whether they have been to our practice or not. We do find that many individuals who do not have a regular dentist and visit us for emergency care will often continue to visit us for routine care afterwards. We provide pain-free, relaxing care that keeps patients coming back for preventative dentistry for many years to come!

What might be done during my emergency dental appointment?

The treatment performed during a patient’s emergency dental appointment will vary greatly depending on the problem at hand. For example, a patient with a chipped or broken tooth may have a dental crown or porcelain veneer placed or might have a temporary solution such as composite resin bonding performed. Patients with a severe toothache might need root canal therapy to control and remove the infection. During an evaluation, once the patient receives a definitive diagnosis, they can then work with their dentist to discuss possible treatment options.

Are you in need of immediate dental care?

Connect with Lone Star Smiles today to get in for an emergency dental visit when possible. Call (806) 666-1099 to speak to our front office team and obtain a same-day appointment for dental issues that require immediate care from a professional. We are open to new and established patients seeking an emergency dentist in and around the Lubbock, Texas community.