Dental sealants for adults and kids in Lubbock, TX

Dental sealants in Lubbock, TX, are often used by dentists to help seal the teeth and protect them from tooth decay. That can be done to offer a long-term solution for patients who might otherwise be at a higher risk of developing cavities, including children. Dr. Cole Sutak of Lone Star Smiles offers various other treatments for a wide range of dental concerns that impact both children and adults.

Are dental sealants for adults and kids?

Sealants are more commonly thought of as a way to protect a child’s teeth from cavities, especially younger children who may not be as thorough about brushing and flossing their teeth. However, many adults benefit from sealants as well, and we encourage patients to ask us about adding them to their preventive care strategy.

How does a sealant work?

A sealant is like a protective coating for teeth. It provides one more layer of protection to help reduce the risk of developing cavities. Cavities are irreversible, so applying a protective layer on the natural tooth structure can reduce the risk. However, this doesn’t mean that patients can be lazy about caring for their smiles.

How long do dental sealants last?

Most patients will enjoy their dental sealants for many years, though they will need to be replaced if lost. That can cause the natural tooth structure to be more susceptible to cavities, which means you may need another application. During routine dental evaluations, Dr. Cole Sutak will determine if the existing sealants are effective and in place and decide when an extra layer needs to be administered to the patient’s smile. That and other services to protect the smile are available at Lone Star Smiles!

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Preventive care from cavities is key to maintaining a healthy smile. At Lone Star Smiles of Lubbock, TX, we are pleased to provide sealants and other solutions for patients who want to keep their smiles healthy. Dr. Cole Sutak is open to new and established patients and families seeking comprehensive dental care in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.